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nice dubstep

2011-09-26 04:08:23 by DjTapey

check these guys out d00d

woo new banner

2011-02-21 21:58:01 by DjTapey


not really actually it's really ugly I just needed a banner lol

woo new banner


2011-02-04 15:19:15 by DjTapey

i need to lose weight

And how golden they are. So far, none of them seem to be 'bad' by NewGrounds standards. Nothing below a 4.. Jeez. Thanks guys :) So far, I haven't gotten any feedback. That's cool. As long as people get enjoyment out of my music (which they appear to be doing) I'm perfectly content with the whole new NG situation. I still do, obviously, appreciate any and all feedback. Special thanks to Mich for approving my first submission, I know I've thanked you a lot but it just doesn't make up for it. It means a lot to me man. :D Thanks to all of NewGrounds! Have a nice day br0s. ;)
Also, thank my girlfriend Samantha for the lovely shot below. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. :)

Shitting Out Tunes Like Golden Eggs

N-N-N-News Post!!

2010-11-03 03:11:37 by DjTapey

Shitfuckballs. Okay, now that that's out of my system. I'm Tapey, a producer, from New Jersey (the US lolo) and I like to make Trance and that kind of electronic dancey shit buzz buzz buzz. I have a few projects on their way, don't forget to add me if you like my shit. That is all, my minions. <3
Also, R.I.P. Studio 1555. We called you Jackasaurus, but you were so much more to us. Sorry to put you out of studio software commission, at least you might still be used to store files.

N-N-N-News Post!!