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Shitting Out Tunes Like Golden Eggs

2010-11-16 07:50:42 by DjTapey

And how golden they are. So far, none of them seem to be 'bad' by NewGrounds standards. Nothing below a 4.. Jeez. Thanks guys :) So far, I haven't gotten any feedback. That's cool. As long as people get enjoyment out of my music (which they appear to be doing) I'm perfectly content with the whole new NG situation. I still do, obviously, appreciate any and all feedback. Special thanks to Mich for approving my first submission, I know I've thanked you a lot but it just doesn't make up for it. It means a lot to me man. :D Thanks to all of NewGrounds! Have a nice day br0s. ;)
Also, thank my girlfriend Samantha for the lovely shot below. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. :)

Shitting Out Tunes Like Golden Eggs


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2010-11-27 16:49:11

ohoho >;3